Boom Festival

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This biennial (once every two years) Transformational festival offers musical performances, workshops, film screenings, yoga, group meditation, fire performance, art gallery and a variety of visual exhibits. It is the largest biennial transformation and psytrance Music Festival in Europe, one of the most famous Transformational festivals in the world.
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Mega Music Festival

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July Event |

Opening Period

End July (1 week)

Known For

Largest Biennial Transformation and Psytrance Music Festival in Europe
One of the most Famous Transformational Festivals in the World
Top Travel Destination in Europe

Day Trip from Major Cities

2 hour drive from Coimbra or Caceres
2.5 hour drive from Badajoz or Merida
3 hour drive from Lisbon or Porto (City) or Salamanca
3.5 hour drive from Braga (Portugal) or Zamora
4 hour drive from Valladolid or Madrid

Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal



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