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Great Wall of China

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This series of fortifications were built across the historical northern borders of China as early as 7th century BC to protect and consolidate territories of Chinese states and empires against various nomadic groups, making it the world's longest and most impressive architectural feat in history.
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Mega Ancient Monument

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Spanning Countries or Regions

China: 7 Provinces, 2 Municipalities


Official: 21,196.18 km
Current Viewing: 8,851 km (Mostly Ming Dynasty Wall)

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UNESCO World Heritage Site
One of the New 7Wonders of the World
Longest Wall in the World
Top Travel Destination in Asia

Day Trip from Major Cities

Badaling Section: Day Trip from Beijing possible

Great Wall of China

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Avoid huge crowds and tour groups.
Visit Mutianyu instead of Badaling.
Be prepared to do lots of walking and climbing.
Bring water and sunscreen.
Book a reliable taxi or limo driver from Beijing.