Icehotel (Sweden)

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A world famous hotel and an art exhibition made of ice and snow, using natural ice harvested annually at the beginning of spring from the nearby Torne River, which is then stored and 'cultivated' for the coming winter's hotel construction.
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Ice-Themed Tourist Village

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Ice Hotel

Seasons & Weather

Most parts of the hotel are only open during the winter season (December to April)


ICEHOTEL (Hotel Attraction)
ICEHOTEL 365 (Year round Hotel Attraction)
ICEHOTEL Restaurant
30 Warm-Room Hotel Chalets
44 Warm-Room Hotel Buildings
Gift Shop, Various Gardens & Misc. Buildings

Price / Entry Fee

Visitor Admission Fee: 350 SEK per adult
ICEHOTELS High Season: Starting from 4,000 SEK per room
ICEHOTEL 365 Low Season: Starting from 2,500 SEK per room

Opening Hours

December - April (Except ICEHOTEL 365)

Airport(s) & Port Harbor(s) Service

Kiruna Airport (KRN) & 30 min drive/bus ride

Driving & Parking Info

Free parking on premises

Area Size

6,000 sq m (64,600 sq ft)

Known For

Biggest Hotel of Ice and Snow in the World
Unique Hotel (Icy Attraction)
Top Travel Destination in Europe

Day Trip from Major Cities

1.5 hour drive from Abisko or Lainio
2.5 hour drive from Narvik
4 hour drive from Rovaniemi

Icehotel, Marknadsvägen 63, 981 91 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Special Info & Comments

Within the Arctic Circle