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This unique hotel complex, devised by entrepreneur Kent Lindvall in 2010, has "rooms" built high in the canopy of a pine forest with gantries leading from one to the other. The "rooms", each designed by a different architect. Each room's unique theme is encapsulated in its name, such as "Mirrorcube", "Bird's Nest", "The Cabin", "7th Room", "The UFO", "Dragonfly", and "The Blue Cone", with all designs based on the ecological principle of sustainability.
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Treehotel Complex

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Unique Hotel

Hotel Capacity, Facilities & Attractions

7 Treetop Hotel Rooms:
- Mirrorcube
- Bird's Nest
- The Cabin
- 7th Room
- The UFO
- Dragonfly
- The Blue Cone

Average Price (Standard Room)

Starting from US$600 per night

Treehotel, Edeforsvägen 2A, 960 24 Harads, Sweden