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Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain (Montaña de Siete Colores)

First review on 13 Aug 2019
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The rainbow colours were formed due to atmospheric conditions and it containing a high content of rare minerals, each showing a different colour. While the other mountains in the range likely have similar colourations beneath their rocky exteriors, only Vinicunca's exterior has been weathered away, exposing the colours to the world.
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Parent Range

Peruvian Andes

Seasons & Weather

Dry Season: May to October
Rainy Season: November to April


Lower Viewpoint
Upper Viewpoint (15 min climb from Lower Viewpoint)

Price / Entry Fee

10 Sols per person

Popular Bus Service(s)

Many day tours are available from Cusco

Driving & Parking Info

Free Parking at Trailhead (Pitumarca Village)
Trailhead to Lower Viewpoint: 4 km (~1.5 hour) hike
(Horseback riding is available for part of this journey, starts at 80 Sols one way)

Max Height

5,200 m

Known For

Rainbow Colours
Alien Landscape & Unique Attraction
Top Travel Destination in South America

Best Time to Visit

Dry Season: May to October

Day Trip from Major Cities

3 hour drive from Cusco to Trailhead (Pitumarca Village) +
1.5 hour hike from Trailhead to Lower Viewpoint

Winding and/or Bumpy Road (to & around here)

Very bumpy and winding roads

Altitude/Motion Sickness (to & around here)

Motion Sickness: Mild Probability
Altitude Sickness: Moderate to High Probability!

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, Montaña de Siete Colores

Special Info & Comments

Only discovered in 2013, when global warming caused the snow and ice on it to melt, exposing its rainbow colours



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