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Our Living Curtains

You can replace your windows (including sound-reducing) or add window grilles from any local company:

  • Noise Plaster — (+65 8666 8734) —
  • Super Window — Claudia (+65 9159 9168), Lawrence (+65 9048 5677) —

Invisible grilles are thin stainless cables installed over your balconies and windows. They are very durable, cannot be seen from far, and do not restrict your view, natural light, fresh air, nor the aesthetics of your space, plus help ensure safety for young kids or babies.

Drilling, loud traffic, bird screeching disturbing your sleep or WFH? Double-glazed windows are a pricey but worthwhile investment which greatly reduces (or almost blocks out) all external noise.

Curtains/blinds can be put up last after all your furniture has been added. Curtains are mostly used for living rooms and master bedrooms. The categories include day curtains, dimout curtains (blocks 80% of light), and blackout curtains (can block almost 100% of light).

Track curtains are cheap and simple to install. Pulley curtains are more expensive and fragile but looks nicer. S-fold curtains are fashionable but is pricier and takes up a 1 foot width of your floor space. We chose the S-fold with button-on track belt system for our living and master rooms.

  • Houzz Curtain Gallery — Derrick (+65 9675 2766) — S-Fold Curtain — Average $450 (Day Curtains) & $330 (Dimout Curtains) per room

Ensure the curtain tracks are powder-coated (to improve durability and functionality). The button track belt system is very convenient to put on and take down compared to a hook track belt system (which requires manual hooking instead of easy buttoning). However, since the button track is customised for your curtain, you have to return to its original curtain manufacturer to replace/fix it, which is highly restrictive and may be more costly.

A motorised curtain track system is even more convenient but expensive. Some owners also opt to hide their curtain tracks with a pelmet.

Our Guest & Study Blinds

Blinds are cheaper than curtains and blocks out most light too. Electric and pulley versions are available, and looks-wise, the popular versions are:

  • Roman blinds — Made from a single fabric, folds up into neat pleats when raised. Available at IKEA too.
  • Korean blinds — Tiered roller blinds which are easily adjustable to change the amount of light coming in.
  • Venetian blinds — Originating from Venice, these comprise of thin, horizontal slats which can be angled to change the amount of light coming in. Hard to clean. 

We got Korean blinds for our study and guest rooms from Houzz, and there are affordable options at IKEA too.

The first step is to make an appointment with the curtain vendor to come to your house to measure the window lengths and discuss options and pricing. After agreement, installation lead time can range from a few days to a couple weeks, depending on how busy the curtain vendor is.

Want the fresh breeze but can't stand those pesky mosquitoes, flies and other creepy crawlies? Put an insect screen over the windows that you usually open. Magicseal provides good quality insect screens, attached to your window frame via magnetic strips, and can as long as 10 years.

  • Magicseal Insect Screen (+65 6690 5152) — Starting from $105 for 40x40 cm, ~$180 for average-sized pane (130x100 cm), Optional Frame (for installing behind window) costs ~$100 extra



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