Published by admin on 18 Aug 2021 Last Updated on 13 Dec 2021
Usually the first step for resale homes, or after all the renovation work has been completed. Our recommended cleaner is Epiclean — They charge affordable rates and do an excellent job.

  • Epiclean — Wayne (+65 8898 8269) — Starting from $230

Some resale homes may be very dirty or worse, have a cockroach infestation! That requires extreme measures such as deep cleaning and/or complete hacking of all built-in fixtures (See: Renovation).

Next comes painting for the walls, ceiling, and fixtures. We used All White Nippon Matex 1000 for the whole house to achieve a classic, modern look.

  • Venue Painting — Jonny (+65 8590 2202) — Complete house paintjob starting from $630

We also got our painter to paint over our kitchen cabinets from the original wood colour to a white colour, which required a primer and two coats of paint. Coupled with swapping out the cabinet door handles, we managed to transform the dated kitchen to a more modern, Frenchy look (See: Kitchens).

We did not paint a feature wall, which is really up to individual preference. Feature walls can be done with either paint or sticker, and can be setup anywhere, including your living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom!

If you want to save even more money, you can buy your own paint cans (and primer, if necessary) to DIY paint your house. Invest in good, wide roller-brushes and ideally put 2 coats of paint on every surface. Do be careful when painting the ceiling as it can leave drips on the surface below.



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