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Our Kitchen

Keep in mind to build your upper kitchen cabinets shorter than the counter width so rising steam from stoves/heating flasks does not damage the upper cabinets.

Rust can form on cabinet hinges and give off a smell. Cabinet handles and knobs can be changed or spray-painted over to provide a cheap yet impressive makeover look. IKEA is a good choice for replacement handles.

  • Venue Painting — Jonny (+65 8590 2202) — Kitchen Cabinets Paintover — ~$550
  • IKEA ENERYDA Door Handles — $10 per set of 2

For resale purchases, you can DIY makeover the kitchen cabinets, tiles or clean the tiles grouting for your resale home (See: DIY Renovation). Also consider installing an insect screen over a kitchen window so smoke can easily escape the kitchen during heavy cooking, while blocking out insects from entering (See: Insect Screens).

You can also DIY paint cabinets and/or wall tiles — Simply clean the surface, apply a primer, and then paint over (at least 2 coats). Items needed:
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush or Roller (1 or 2 of varying length)

Stone or laminate is a popular material for kitchen countertops, each with pros and cons:
  • Marble — Expensive but beautiful and long-lasting.
  • Granite — Expensive but beautiful and very long-lasting.
  • Quartz (Stone-Plastic Composite) — Cheaper than marble or granite, but not as long-lasting and can be stained.
  • Corian (Stone-Plastic Composite) — Cheaper than marble or granite, but not so heat resistant and can be scratched.
  • Laminate — Usually is wood underneath. Cheap, can DIY, not as beautiful nor long-lasting as stone.
  • Wood — Expensive, can be damaged by water, stain or bacteria, requires maintenance, but beautiful and long-lasting.

Kitchen sinks are usually stainless steel or granite. Rubine (which also produces many water fixtures) and Reginox are two good brands for kitchen sinks which are available (with installation) at any fixture shop in Balestier Road. The labour cost to replace a kitchen sink is about $180.

Kitchen taps/faucets can be bought standalone (even online) or as a package with your kitchen sink. Grohe, Hansgrohe and Inspire are the top brands for such fixtures.


The combined areas without a wall between your kitchen and living/dining rooms offer more space and light to your house, and can look elegant if done right.

Most open kitchens require a fixed kitchen island or kitchen peninsula which is costly due to building materials plus optional plumbing and/or electrical works. IKEA also provides kitchen islands (portable and fixed) at affordable prices.

Since heavy cooking can cause the grease and smoke to permeate your living and dining area, a common solution is to install sliding glass wall/doors in place of the removed walls, which can be closed during cooking to keep the rest of the house nice and clean.

Our Kitchen Appliances

Our fridge was a large 601L LG fridge which can hold a large amount of food for hosting dinner parties. Take note when moving a fridge, let it rest for a few hours at the new spot. DO NOT plug in the power socket straightaway after moving as it will damage the refrigerant and machinery.

We bought a standalone 4-in-1 Panasonic Convection Steam Oven which has many cooking options such as steam, toast, grill, stew and healthy fry. Pair it with the Thermomix (more below) for all your cooking needs!

  • LG 601L Side-by-Side Fridge (GS-L6012PZ) — $960
  • Panasonic Convection Steam Oven (NU-SC300BYPQ) — $800

Built-in ovens are great for cooking or baking in big amounts but are not so practical as they do not come cheap and require expensive custom carpentry, with decent models starting from $800 excluding installation costs.

Standalone dishwashers save a lot of water but use plenty of electricity and take up space. They should be used for non-expensive dishware (less than $20, not fine-China or porcelain items) and are ideal for big households or if you often hold big lunch or dinner parties.

  • LG Free-Standing Dishwasher (DFB425FP) — $1,600

The Thermomix (by German company Vorwerk) is an integrated food processor and cooker which can seamlessly blend, juice, cut and cook. Its limitations are not being able to toast, roast, or fry like a convection oven.

Our kitchen and dining accessories were sourced from a multitude of shops and hardware stores.

  • IKEA MJÖSA Pedal Bin (Dark Grey) 12 L — $59
  • Country Haven Cheeseboard — $28
  • IKEA SLIRA Place Mat — $1 each



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