Published by admin on 26 Aug 2021 Last Updated on 13 Jan 2022
Our Dining Room

Our dining table set was from Cellini. The table size will vary on your household size, dining room size, and number of visitors you often receive. We chose a 1.8 meter long quartz table with corner legs so 6 people can comfortably sit there with ease. (Click Here for Our Exclusive Cellini Promotion!)

  • Cellini Bolda Grey Quartz Top Dining Table 1.8m + Anne Dining Chair x4 — $2,345
  • OEM Faux Leather Dining Chair (Lazada) — $25 each
  • Country Haven Teak Console Table — $350
  • Country Haven Teak Bowl — $48
  • IKEA HULTET Bamboo Dish — $9
  • IKEA GRONO Table Lamp — $13

Stone dining tables or kitchen countertops are pricey but elegant and durable, with choices such as marble, granite, or quartz. Sintered stone is more expensive than ordinary tiles but much more durable with stone-like qualities.

Personal touches include a stunning bouquet of pink Baby's Breath flowers (in a gifted glass vase), which can last up to 5 years, plus a designer clock we purchased from Molecule. 

Check out our wide range of furniture and fixtures options to suit your budget or taste.



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