Published by admin on 27 Aug 2021 Last Updated on 27 Jan 2022
Front load washing machines are the more popular option now (See: Washing Machines), but if you have a top-load washing machine whose drain hose cannot fit with the ground pipe, buy this attachment (3rd option) for a quick fix.

Singles and couples can make do with a basic clothes rack which is readily available at any hardware store.

  • Telescopic Clothes Drying Rack — $29

Now the trend is indoor ceiling drying racks, which come in various modes of automation and prices but saves space (See: Ceiling Drying Racks).

We do not recommend merging the kitchen and yard together as cooking may affect the drying of clothes. However, solutions include drying your clothes in a washer-dryer machine or somewhere else, or installing a glass partition between both areas.


Cockroaches are always a big problem as they tend to crawl out of your chutes (especially during fumigation and lower floors). A customised fully-sealed rubbish chute will prevent them from entering, but take note the rubber seal will deteriorate over a few years' time.

For older homes, beware of wall cracks along the rubbish chutes as cockroaches (especially baby roaches) can squeeze through them. Seal them up with Seely's silicon sealant.

Or you can simply black tape the chute doors shut which prevents cockroaches from ever entering (like we did!), but will have to manually bring your trash down to the garbage dump every time.

Besides Baygon or Morten insect spray, Combat killer baits can effectively quash cockroach or ant infestations (See: Anti-Insects). Mosquitos, flies, lizards and cockroaches can also enter through improperly sealed or open windows, so block them out with an insect screen (See: Insect Screens).

IKEA has many choices for affordable storeroom shelves, we chose the Jonaxel model for its classic look and fit.

  • IKEA JONAXEL Shelving Unit — $69 each



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