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Combat Killing Bait is an effective cockroach or ant killer and can be bought online, NTUC or most local hardware shops. Do not put it within your home, but just outside such as near your main door or paste INSIDE the rubbish chute compartment.

To keep out mosquitoes, flies and other pests, put an insect screen over the windows (See: Insect Screens).


Reed diffusers will elevate your home to a luxurious feel with the right smell. I highly recommend Kirona with its wonderful smells at affordable prices. My favourites are English Pear & Freesia and Shangri-La, which exude hotel-like scents. Each comes with 6 sticks and using 3 sticks at a time can last 3-4 months.


These disposable bead-like moisture absorbers come in handy to remove moisture from your cabinets, rooms and toilets. Thirsty Hippo (sold in NTUC and online) is the premium brand, yet cheaper brands like Meadows does the job just as well and can sell as low as $7.20 for a pack of 6 during promotions at Guardian or Giant stores.


Dehumidifier machines are much more effective than their moisture absorber counterparts, and are great at removing moisture and preventing mould.


An air purifier is highly recommended for every household as it will keep your home clean and fresh, especially in our WFH environment. Blueair is by far the best brand in the market.


Fancy giving your house more personality and colour? Add an artwork or two! Artisanpieces is a local art home gallery owned by Safina whose panel of international artists can provide any imitation piece you desire, including customised artwork, at affordable prices.

  • Artisanpieces — Safina (+65 8186 4142) — Starting from $300


Framing of artwork can be done in Johor Bahru (currently not available due to Covid), at your local framing shops, or online:


Live or fake plants can add colour, liveliness, and a natural tranquility to your home. You can buy fake plants at IKEA or get them online. For live plants, it is best to buy them at a nursery, not a plant shop in a shopping mall.

  • IKEA FEJKA Artificial Potted Plant (Weeping Fig) — $89 (1.5 m tall) 
  • IKEA FEJKA Plant + MUSKOT Plant Pot — $10 (For tabletop)

For live plants, it is best to buy them at a nursery (or even Carousell), not a plant shop in a shopping mall. These plants are cheap, non-fussy (requiring watering twice a week), yet impactful.

  • Peace Lily
  • Pink Syngonium 
  • Monstera


Standard door seals and weatherstrips can be bought online or at most hardware stores and easily self-installed. The standard door seal (stuck on the bottom of the door) is effective at preventing door slams, cold air, dust, smoke and insects, while a special noise-dampener door seal reduces noise from outside the door. I prefer the full-plastic door seal (as opposed to the brush-type) for better protection.

Pair it with a weatherstrip (stuck all around the door or window frame) for extra protection against cold air, dust and smoke (such as incense burning or nearby cooking).


Want to zoom around your estate fast and easy? Decathalon has entry-level bicycles which won't bust your wallet. The Elops range is decent and starts at only $220.



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